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Tom Hanks Commencement Speech To Skyline High School Class Of 2020, Oakland, CA

Tom Hanks Commencement Speech To Skyline High School Class Of 2020, Oakland, CA - Video

Tom Hanks | Tom Hanks 2020 Commencement Speech To Skyline High School, Oakland, CA Transcript of Tom Hanks 2020 Commencement Speech To Skyline High School, Oakland, CA, courtesy of YouTube via Mr. Hanks and Oakland Unified School District: Hello everybody my name is Tom Hanks, Skyline High School class of 1974. Welcoming you all to George C. Bliss Field for your graduation ceremonies from the class of 2020. All right, this is not George C. Bliss Field, as you know, and you are not there at the grounds of Skyline High School. You're not near your locker in the twenty building, or the thirty building. You're not taking electronics over in the ten building or the math and the sciences. There, way out in the 60-70 building, my locker was in the 40 building. couldn't have been more boring a building the 40 building. That's just my opinion. But, from the gym to the portables. From Silverberg auditorium to George Sibley's field, welcome and congratulations! You chosen ones somewhere, out of the fate of every high schooler, you guys were picked to graduate this year. In the year 2020. To start off this next chapter of your lives in the face, and in the midst, of so much change. Good luck to you. I'd like to think that just as Skyline High School provided me with a direction and an instinct to follow, the same has happened for you. Good luck to you, and also congratulations for having gotten through these years of struggle which will - they will I think - lead to ultimately, the triumph, as you pursue your heart's desire. Follow those instincts, and always understand that you have been chosen by fate to lead the way. And whatever our post Pandemic world is going to be. Make it a great one, would you? We're all relying on you. I want to throw out some major shoutouts through the Student Body President Teddy "Mates" Munchin: way to go Ted man! Ted Meister! The student body VP was a Sata Spence Guyard, who I think, went at those duties tooth and nail! The senior class vice president, of course, was Jessica Canteal. Bravo! And the senior class present Hezekiah Pemberton - and if there is a name that is going places I think is Hezekiah Pemberton. Those cool cats and kittens, did something great in their senior year - if only binding it up and representing you when the time came. Also, let's hear it for those great co-principals that are up there at Skyline High, on Skyline Drive, with this view of the skyline of the Bay Area: Nicole Pierce and Dr. Dallas Andrew. It's 2020, you're on their way, and you have achieved something that is not to be discounted. You made it! You did not give up! You have been the best example for the rest of us to keep going with faith, and hope with hard work. And with no small amount of faith in the serendipity that is coming your way. Good luck to you all! Congratulations! And let us all be a part of the grand group that is called the alumni of Skyline High School 2020!
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