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North Oakland Robber At Large Caught On Camera Terrorizing Neighborhood

North Oakland Robber At Large Caught On Camera Terrorizing Neighborhood - Video

North Oakland Robber At Large Caught On Camera Terrorizing Neighborhood Oakland – A man described by North Oakland residents on social media as “male, light skinned, About 5' 5" thin, trimmed beard, short dark hair white or light colored sweatshirt baggy, light colored pants black and gray backpack” was caught on camera as he attempted to break into a home Saturday night. The persons who owned the home the North Oakland Robber tried to break into with a screwdriver happened to be in the house as he was walking around. They did not hear him, but the camera's motion detection system alerted them to his presence. Another North Oakland resident recognized the man from the video and wrote “61st Street Friday night? He broke into a house.” As of this writing there's no update on who the man is, or (thankfully) any other break-ins he's done. But he's now a wanted man in Oakland. A Rash Of Break-Ins In Cars, Homes, And Business Has Oakland Residents Exhausted And On Edge As one who has had his rental car window smashed on a quick trip back home, I can say that it's the source of a great well of anger to feel like you can't just live your life in Oakland without some ass-hole trying to interrupt it via trying to rob you or break into your car and, or home. The solution, to me, is for businesses and residents to buy and install more cameras. A good Merkury Camera is just $20 (and sometimes less) for purchase at Walmart or Best Buy, and comes ready to work and connect with your wi-fi system and smartphone. But, there is another deterrent of note – and the North Oakland Robber should be aware of it. Patrick McCullough, whom I interviewed during his run for Mayor of Oakland in 2014, became famous for shooting a man who tried to intimidate him on his own front lawn, in 2005. In an interview with me for Zennie62 on YouTube, and in 2014, Mr. McCullough said that he had grown tired of telling his problems to what he described as “ineffectual” Oakland politicians, and so, ultimately, took matters into his own hands. Patrick, off to buy crab legs for his wife's planned dinner, found himself confronted by a dozen gang members who identified him as a snitch. So, McCullough, who was armed, shot the man who went for the gun of one of his friends in an effort to shoot Pat. The Oakland Police backed McCullough's action because they had been on the lookout for the gang members. So, that's the extreme end of where all of this crime activity could lead, unless Oakland's elected officials take decisive action. Stay tuned.
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